The Breath of Existence

A person breathes on average 15 times a minute, 900 times in an hour, and 21,600 times a day. That’s 151,200 breathes a week. That being said, those numbers are highly variable.

I don’t even notice 20% of my breathes, and yet, breathing is the essence of my existence. To master the breath is to master the mind. Mastery won’t happen in a day or a year though, JUST A BLOODY FREAKING LIFETIME…yea, thanks universe…Seriously though, it was life changing when I discovered the powerful effects of deep breathing.

I just read an article about how breathing effects digestion, and I was like, “Hey, that might be good on that blog.” So, here’s the link to two articles I read earlier. One is about digestion. Check it out if your still breathing…hmm not the best joke…


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