Pancakes and Divine moments of truth.

I’ve fixed pancakes for 4 consecutive days now. I’m having revelations concerning the nature of art, “matter” and blueberries. THAT’S HOW FREAKING GOOD THESE ARE. Just a note though, the revelations are probably just illusions…but aren’t most things?


Here’s the link to the recipe:


2 thoughts on “Pancakes and Divine moments of truth.

  1. Blueberry pancakes and banana pancakes are the bomb. Fresh shaved coconut. With that said, I think you would really fall in love with crepes. Very light. Not overkill. Not a boat anchor. I have only seen dairy options (especially with blintzes where you are adding ricotta or a marscapone cheese filling). Anyway, there has got to be a vegan option out there. Good luck. Thanks for giving me inspiration for breakfast this weekend.

    • Thanks Steve! I just googled crepes…their like something out of a fairytale. Once again Steve, YOUR THE MAN!!! Creation is going down this weekend… on the day of destruction, vegan, gluten free crepes, IT’S ON! Wouldn’t have looked them up without you, so back at you bro. It’s going to be epic.

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