raw key lime pie recipe!

One of my biggest issues with the raw food diet is some of the food combining that goes down with desserts. Many of the desserts are just straight nuts and fruit which doesn’t necessarily digest well together and is EXTREMELY caloric… 

One of the things that I enjoy the most is creating desserts that are lower in calories and sugar, so you can enjoy them every day without guilt. 

This recipe is fairly good for a raw dessert since it uses other healthy fats besides nuts as the main component! I thought it might be a fun recipe for us to try on our own or for one of our raw food days! 




2 thoughts on “raw key lime pie recipe!

  1. I lllllooveeeee key lime pie. Hate cakes. Totally overrated and overindulgent. Request KLP for my bday. Cool that you are showing us a healthy way. I will make a traditional key lime pie and then make this recipe and see what the deal is. I hope you win. 🙂

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