Bulletproof Coffee

Has anybody read the article titled, “if coffee wore Kevlar” in this week’s Independent? It’s featured on the menu at Vimala’s curry blossom café. Gee and coconut oil is used as coffee creamer. It’s a traditional recipe from Kerala, India. I look forward to trying this recipe soon.


2 thoughts on “Bulletproof Coffee

  1. It tastes really good! It has a huge following with paleo dieters and cross-fitters.

    People say it keeps them super full and extremely energized and focused which makes sense to me…high quality fats for your brain (it’s typically used with MCT oil too) and caffeine for energy. I’m curious to see if anyone else has tried it and noticed this. I am not super affected by caffeine, so i don’t notice a huge difference. When I do make it, I usually make it with yerba mate tea and I also don’t add as much fat, which my boyfriend says is why it doesn’t fill me up… but I just can’t put 2+ tbsps of fat plus a tbsp of another fat, MCT oil haha

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