Vegan Soft Cheese

I completely forgot about this today, so I wanted to share with you all what I ended up doing with the cashew pulp!


photo 2Today in my cooking class we made cashew milk as a base for today’s dessert, cherry chocolate ‘milk,’ which was absolutely delicious. You could make something similar by making your own nut milk at home and adding your favorite flavors. For instance, a cherry chocolate milk could be accomplished by adding dried or fresh/frozen cherries, cocoa powder, and a sweetener of your choice to your nut milk, get creative!

When you strain your nut milk, you get a bit of gold leftover…your pulp! Cashew pulp is extra special to me because it has such a creamy and desirable texture, especially for what I used it for. When I brought the pulp home I was anticipating making a dessert with it, but as soon as I tasted it, I was reminded of a soft cheese. I added some simple fresh ingredients to plump this cheese up and it was absolutely delicious!


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