What sweetener should you use?!

Since we have talked a lot about sweeteners, I wanted to share some posts that I had previously written about the best sweeteners! (in my opinion 🙂 )


I am not going to lie, I love walking through bakeries and seeing all the beautiful cakes decorated lavishly with many colors and designs. And candy stores, full of jars and containers hanging on the wall, all containing an assortment of colors are also quite beautiful to me,  but how beautiful is it really? 
Not only are these candies and cakes filled with chemical food coloring to make them beautiful and appealing to the eye, but they are also full of processed sugars. Whether it be white sugar, artificial sweeteners, or high fructose corn syrup…these sweets have a not so sweet side. While I do believe in enjoying everything in moderation, I also understand the importance of making the best choices for my body and my health.
There has been lots of research on the dangers of eating a diet high in sugar, including fruits, but I find that choosing the…

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