Nutritional Genomics

Nutritional Genomics provides the basis for personalized dietary recommendations based on the individual’s genetic make up. It can be used as a tool to detect genetic predisposition and to prevent common disorders, through nutrition, decades before their manifestation.

The preliminary results involving gene-diet interactions for cardiovascular diseases and cancer are promising, but mostly inconclusive.

Several companies offer assessments as can a RD specializing in Nutritional Genomics. Work with your physcian to find out more or research companies like Nutrigenomix who offer personalized Nutrition Assessment to help you “eat according to your genes.”


One thought on “Nutritional Genomics

  1. This is of particular interest to me (hence my own forthcoming site’s name, a la “gene expression”). I absolutely believe that I overcome my numerous health issues due to “nutrigenomics”, and letting one’s nutrition impact one’s gene expression. I plan to research this field in some depth as a lay person. Thanks, Jeanne

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