Natural Chef Culinary Certification Syllabus



Natural Chef Culinary Certification Syllabus

Summer 2014


Course Description:

Students will cover holistic education, whole foods culinary techniques, fundamentals of nutrition, and the connection between food, health and sustainability.


Course #: 2701

Hours: 234

Dates:  05/19/14 – 07/31/14*

Day: M,T,W,Th

Time: 8:30A – 2:30P

Location Code: PMC

Building Location: Bldg 045 Rm 145


*Note; Classes will not be held on the following Days:

– May 26th Memorial Day

– The week of July 4th; June 30th – July 3rd


Cafe Hours: Mon. – Thurs. 12-1pm 5/27 – 7/30



Chef Gregory Hamm

Email:    Office Phone:  919.545.8070


Chef Jimmy Wilson

Email:     Office Phone:  919.545.8073


Chef Bauman

Chef Griffith

Chef Hargett

Chef Anderson



Attendance is expected for 90% of the course.

Tardiness to class will not be tolerated. Class will begin on time and students are expected to be on time. Students are required to arrive to class on time and in uniform. Students not wearing a proper uniform will not be permitted in the kitchen.



(Textbooks can be purchased at the CCCC bookstore or online)


On Cooking,Fifth Edition – ISBN#9780137155767

Staying Healthy with Nutrition, First Edition – ISBN # 9780133461664

The Flavor Bible, Eighth Edition – ISBN #9780316118408


Uniform Requirements:

(Uniforms are available at Triangle Healthcare Uniforms of Sanford or online)


2 Long Sleeve Black Chef’s Jackets

2 CheckeredChef’sPants

2 Pill Box Chef’s Hats

1 Nametag (provided by program)

1 Standard Knife Kit(see contents below)

1 French Rolling Pin

2 Black Sharpie’s

1 Lint Brush or Roller

SOLID – Black Slip Resistant Shoes – Must be close toed, solid black, and have a back.

Students should also come to lecture with notepad, pencil, pen, and basic calculator



Complete Uniform must beworn daily.

Fingernail Polish is not permitted. Nails must be short, clean, and neat.

No Jewelry outside of a wedding band and stud earrings (on ears only) will be permitted. No body jewelry, no necklaces, no bracelets are permitted.

Facial hair is not permitted. Hair must be behind shoulders at all times and in a restraint.

Chewing gum is never allowed within the program.

Personal Hygiene:

Students must arrive to class free of cologne, perfume, and scented lotions.Students must practice superior hygienewith breath, hair, skin, teeth, hands, and nails kept impeccably clean and washed before arriving to class.

Clothing must be cleaned, lint brushed, and free of pet hair and wrinkles.


Food and beverages MUST be kept in classroom or locker, and areNOT to be in the kitchen or in violation of health code or a class disturbance.


Knife Kit Contents:

(*onlyavailable at CCCC Bookstore)

M4CCAR: Central Carolina CC Cutlery

M20608B: 8” Chef’s Knife-Genisis-Bulk

M23210B: 10″ Wide Bread Knife

M22408B: 8″ Offset Wavy Bulk-Mill

M22206B: 6″ Narrow Boning-Semi Flex-Bulk-Mill

M23900: 3″ Paring Knife-Black-Bulk

M18780: 3-1/2″ Spreader-Wavy Edge-Mill Ennia

M23800B: 8″ Cooks Fork-Millenia-Bulk

M15910: 10″ Diamond Steel

M40000: Chef Garnishing Set

M32023: Measuring Spoon Set-Premium

M32020: Large Scraper-Heat Resistant

M31062: 2” Pastry Brush

M33070: Plastic Swiss Peeler

M33021: Oyster Knife-Plastic Handle

M31004:  #4 Plain Tube

M31014: #4 Star Tube

M31141: 4 Pc Round Cutter Set

M33000: Pocket Thermometer

M18810: Bench Scraper – Bulk

M33243: Mini Mercer Rules – English

M33210: Double Pastry Wheel

M33005: Digital Probe Thermometer

M33301: Microplane Grater w/ Handle

M31071: 18” Polyurethane Pastry Bag

M30517M: Double Zip Case

Components-In-Kit: 25


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