Homework: Due w/o 6/25

Read and come prepared to discuss:


What Farm-to-Table Got Wrong, Dan Barber (sent 6/16)

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food, Michael Moss (sent 6/16)


One thought on “Homework: Due w/o 6/25

  1. On the Dan Barber article … it seems that our program is doing the full-scale approach to Farm-to-Table as mentioned in the article. We are using non-coveted items like broccoli shoot leaves as well as more prized items like asparagus. We use what the CCCC farm can viably produce. We don’t just request a certain variety of heirloom tomatoes. That would be kind of insane given the proximity. It was interesting to read how the farmer sequentially planted soil-effective crops in order to support one prominent crop. The guy obviously knows what he is doing. The farm-to-table movement appears to be at a crossroads. Will consumers be more receptive to eating everything a farm produces regardless of the familiarity? Or … will they continue to use “farm-to-table” circumstantially?

    The Michael Moss piece was revealing but not shocking. Profit-before-people is unfortunately the hidden mission statement of most American corporations and crony capitalism. That is why Wall St. continues to see rises why the American wage has been stagnant for a decade. That is why Congress’s approval rating is something like 7%. That’s really all that needs to be said. 🙂 I did like that the article ended on a good note: someone from the dark broke on through to the other side (by hawking carrots.)

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